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    Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good health and energy levels, but it can be a challenge to keep track of how much water you're consu...
  • What is a Gallon Bottle, and Why Should You Have One?

    We need water for major bodily functions such as temperature control, removing toxic waste from body, better brain function and a lot more. An aver...
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  • How drinking a gallon of water a day changed my life?

    In summary, I have found drinking a gallon of water to be beneficial for me and I have continued the challenge further than the first week. But, please be mindful -- an excess of anything is bad, even if it is something you think is as harmless as water. It is important to read up on how a gallon of water may affect your body before starting. Also, be sure to drink pure and clean or filtered water to get the most benefits.